Catching up


It’s hard to believe a whole month has passed since my last update! Crazy how fast time flies during softball season, especially when you are traveling for away games so often. Fortunately, most of our games we needed to travel for are over with except for the Euro cup in August and a which trip back to the northern region.

In this post I’ll try to give a brief update on everything going on around here without boring y’all to tears with too many dead end stories that I’m so great at telling. So here we go:

– One of my old college teammates was backpacking through Italy and made a pit stop to visit in Caserta, so glad I was able to see her! Going to different restaurants and cafes while she was in town was the first time in Caserta that I have been treated as a tourist. I guess together we looked like big time foreigners. 

– Naples isn’t so bad/scary as it sounds if you’re with the right people.

– Play offs are right around the corner and we are still unsure who will be the top two teams from the south. It’s a really close race between Bologna, us, and Fermana. So the next couple of games will be very important; really glad we will have a home field advantage. Surprisingly, the field reminds me of our field at Tech; hard as rock for the most part with dirt poured on top so there are a couple areas that are too soft, and you never know what kind of hop the ball is going to take. Our field here is located right behind a cement factory so I’m pretty sure that plays a role in part of it. Oddly enough the weather around here has been extremely windy with shifting temperatures, so this week I have felt extremely at home! Thanks LBK for teaching me how to adapt to all kinds of weather conditions.

– Our other roommate arrived last Thursday, making it a grand total of seven girls in a three bedroom apartment. Very thankful to have her here though, she has lived in the states for the past five years so its almost like having another American in the house.

– Our “team” car, the old Suzuki, has broken down on us twice and unfortunately come back from the dead both times.

– The panel above our window in the bathroom has broken off completely, exposing the inner workings of the wall and wooden slats that come down to close the window. On a better note at least I can see how parts of Italian apartments are constructed. 

– We returned last Sunday night to find that our wash machine was leaking. The next morning our bathroom, where the washer is, was completely flooded. 

– My parents are coming to visit in three weeks, CANT WAIT!


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