Slowly catching on


First off, has anyone ever been grocery shopping in a foreign country? Its quite the experience, but I don’t recommend it without bringing along someone who is willing to help. Apparently you are supposed to weigh your fruits and vegetables and place a sticker on them before you get in line to check out. *Not doing this is a good way to make everyone in line behind you upset*. Also, be sure to bring your own bags.Luckily there are American brands like Special K that are recognizable. I know I know, it sort of defeats the purpose of living over here buying things like that but it’s comfortable to have a little familiarity around! It’s never a good thing when you’re trying to find laundry detergent and can’t tell the difference between that and dish soap. When you can’t read anything and the bottles are right next together and shaped the same, its difficult I promise.

I’ve been to the store a couple of times now to get some cooking essentials and I’m starting to branch out a little bit so no worries. There is so much to learn about living here and I feel like after 5 months I still won’t even have scratched the surface. The history, hospitality, and passion I am seeing amongst everyone I have met here just warms my heart. Today more than anything I want to share with all of you about the food… I know everyone has heard stories about Italian food and we all love it, but if I can taste a big difference than you know its legit.

As most of you know pasta is an everyday staple around here; I have never seen so many different kinds in my life! From what I have seen so far breakfast typically consists of coffee and cookies or something sweet, lunch is some sort of pasta dish, and dinner is a little bit lighter but everyone seems to still eat it very late. I am still trying to understand how everyone is so slim!

Typically, my roommates and I will all sit and have a big lunch together before practice. So i’m learning how to make several different dishes from them. One of my favorites so far is called Gnocchi.

I’m sure you’ve heard of this or seen this before in stores, but I never really knew what it was. It’s actually really simple to make; boil potatoes and then mash them, place flour out on the table and pour the mashed potatoes out on top. Make a little hole in the middle of the potatoes and crack an egg in. After that you begin kneading everything together until you have a dough like material. Take pieces of the dough and make little strands, and then cut them into desired sizes. Next, take a fork and imprint it on top (I think its just for looks). After the pieces are made, put it in a pot of boiling water for a couple of minutes until the pieces start rising to the top. Next add whatever meat, mushroom, cream, or sauce you would like. Who would’ve thought you could make pasta out of potatoes!

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  1. We loved visiting Italy. They are definitely a passionate people. Their pizza is nothing like ours. Once you’ve had it, ours will never compare. Enjoy your visit and keep us updated.

  2. Oh, Emily, reading your comments brings back such memories! For the first month, I shopped by looking at the pictures! Never knew what it actually was until I opened it!! Enjoying your blog so very much! (My oldest daughter, Beth, was born in Rome.)

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