Third days a charm


My experience here has been great so far…too great. Typically with trips like this something is bound to go wrong (lose a bag at the airport, break a nail, etc.) so you just prepare yourself for an uncontrollable. Well since I made it through the first couple of days without anything serious happening I figured it was smooth sailings (*Don’t do that*) and I really started to settle in. Then came the moment where the clouds turned black and it started to rain.

I plugged my hair dryer into the power converter and then inserted it into the outlet, all was well for about 3 minutes. Suddenly my hand began to feel a bit too hot and the dryer seemed to be slowly dying. At this point I am a little aggravated because my straightener went out yesterday. So I unplugged it and decided to give it a little break. After a couple minutes of some serious eyebrow plucking, it was time to give the old faithful another try. BAD IDEA. As soon as I plugged it in again I heard a loud “boom” and smoke was everywhere. *That’s what I get for trying to go cheap and not buy appliances over here*. Next I heard my roommates screaming I don’t even know what in Italian. Apparently I blew a breaker which knocked out the wifi and also managed to fry all of their appliances plugged into the wall as well… not good for the first week and an apartment full of six girls. Thankfully they are all extremely nice and understanding, and I had just finished making them “American” pancakes at 12 am so there was some sort of peace in the household 🙂

Tomorrow is our first game of the season against Rome, or as they say here Roma. The season opener is a home game and everyone seems to have a couple butterflies floating around. I’m excited to see how different the atmosphere and the game itself here in italy is.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Good Friday and remembers what this Easter Sunday is all about. Not a day goes by that I am not thankful that Jesus gave his life for a sinner like me!!

God Bless ❤


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  1. Great post Em! I love that the girls are so understanding, I know that has to make things quite a bit easier for you. And just tell them you were “breaking” in your new house 🙂

  2. haha ohhh sister! You would have that kind of luck! I’m really excited I found your blog and I will be keeping tabs on you from here on out! I am super proud of you, but not gonna lie…we miss you like crazyyy! Stay strong and smart! love you!

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