Finally here!


After a weeks delay and saying goodbye, again, I finally arrived in Caserta, Italy. If you are looking to travel to Italy I have one word of advice, patience. That is one thing I am learning throughout this whole process!


I’ll try to give a quick update on the process getting here for those of you who haven’t heard the story. First I got my passport, next moved from LBK, and then made a trip to Htown to get my Visa taken care of. The Visa process was longer and more difficult than I expected. Maybe difficult is the wrong word, but when you don’t know what your’e doing for it it’s a bit confusing. There were essentially three different things that had to be done before it actually came in. I was supposed to arrive in Italy mid March but since we were unsure of when the Visa would come exactly, the tentative travel arrangements previously made with the flight didn’t work out. On the other hand, all things happen for a reason so i can’t complain too much.

The flights here really weren’t too bad, but it’s the lack of sleep and time change that get you. The first day(s) of travel went as smoothly as they could have thank God, but I think I’m still struggling with the jet lag.

After four hours of sleep in two days, a new country can be a little overwhelming! Italy is beautiful though and everything you may have heard about the relaxed culture, food, and especially the driving is true. (I’m sure I’ll complain about the driving more in future posts)

Last night I tried a true italian pizza for the first time… it was so good I don’t even have the words to describe it! My supermarket trip today was quite the experience; I’m just thankful I have such helpful and understanding teammates to lend a hand. Ps they don’t have coupons.

Our first game is Saturday and right now we are all hoping the weather holds up so we can play. It’s been a bit overcast and drizzling. Sending prayers and looking forward to this exciting season!



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